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Coffee – Health Risks Drinking Too Much


Coffee is America’s most popular beverage, with the average adult consuming about 1.65 cups of coffee a day. But, what is all this coffee and caffeine doing to our bodies? Are there health risks associated with high coffee consumption? For the answers to these questions and more information on the health effects of coffee, keep reading.


Possible Cardiovascular Issues

While no concrete studies have shown that excess coffee drinking can lead to high blood pressure or increased risk of cardiovascular disease, researchers do know that caffeine is a stimulant that can increase your heart rate.

Also, cafestol, a substance that is predominant in unfiltered coffee can dramatically increase patient cholesterol levels, particularly with women. Fortunately, cafestol is not present in significant amounts in filtered coffee.

Because of these potential cardiovascular issues, health professionals recommend not exceeding 4 cups of coffee a day.

Increased Anxiety

Coffee is a stimulant. It can cause jitters and anxiety if too much caffeine is consumed. Routinely consuming a high volume of coffee or even coffee withdrawal can each cause irritability.

Sleep Problems

Again, coffee is a stimulant, meaning it keeps you awake and alert. Subsequently, people suffering from insomnia or sleep issues are recommended to stay away from caffeine and other potent stimulants.

High Acidic Content

Coffee has a high acidic content which can cause stomach pains and discomfort in the digestive system. To prevent this, try to avoid drinking coffee on an empty stomach or in excess. Pouring in a little cream with your coffee can help coat the stomach and reduce the effect of the brew’s acid.


Coffee is a diuretic, meaning it can strip your body of water and vital moisture. This can cause sallow skin, constipation and dehydration. Ideally, every cup of coffee should be followed by two glasses of water.

Loose Bowel Movements

Though coffee is a diuretic and constipation, it can also cause loose stools when it passes through the colon. It acts as a stimulant for peristalsis, the rhythmic contraction of the colon.

PMS Symptoms

Excess coffee drinking has been shown to aggravate PMS symptoms. By dehydrating the body, stimulating contractions and increasing anxiety, coffee can have a powerful effect on the pre-menstrual woman.

Despite the health risks associated with drinking coffee, a number of health benefits have been linked to moderate coffee consumption, including reduced cancer risk and a reduced likelihood of developing Alzheimer’s disease, gout, Parkinson’s disease and Type 2 Diabetes. However the key is drinking in moderation.

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Coffee – Good or Bad for Your Health


Coffee and tea are quickly becoming one of the largest exports of many countries around the world as coffee and tea drinkers quickly spend over billion annually for their daily cup of caffeine. Twenty billion is nothing to be scoffed at these days.


We often hear the dangers of drinking caffeine such as insomnia, headaches, and raised blood pressure (which is not good if you have hypertension). But are there any benefits to drinking coffee?

Here are some interesting facts about the average coffee drinker who drinks three to four cups of coffee each day:

  • Regular coffee drinkers have about 1/3 less asthma symptoms than those of non-coffee drinkers according to a Harvard researcher who studied 20,000 people.

  • A Kaiser Permanente Medical Care Program study of 128,934 nurses found that coffee drinkers were significantly less likely to commit suicide than nondrinkers.

  • Average coffee drinkers can have three or four cups of coffee every day without any health risk.

  • One study found that coffee drinkers have poorer health habits than those who drank no coffee.

  • Some heavy alcohol drinkers who also drink coffee regularly have less incidence of liver damage than expected.

  • Another study found that people who drank three to four cups of coffee each day had an 80% lower risk of cirrhosis of the liver and a 25% less chance of contracting colon cancer when compared to drinking no coffee at all.

  • Coffee can cause insomnia, and a common complaint among coffee drinkers is that the caffeine disturbs their sleep.

  • Another study found that non coffee drinkers are five times more likely to develop Parkinson’s disease than coffee drinkers and those who drank three to four cups of coffer per day

These are some very interesting facts about the average coffee drinker who drinks three to four cups a day. They have a lower incidence of some problems such as colon cancer and Parkinson’s, while at the same time they have poorer health habits.

The poorer health habits probably stem from grabbing a cup of coffee in the morning as they head out the door rather than sitting and eating a healthy breakfast. Then for lunch, in the middle of a busy day, they might grab another cup of coffee.

Another characteristic is the coffee drinker who has to have something sweet with their coffee. Instead of having an apple or banana for an afternoon coffee break, they have a cup of coffee with a donut. That sounds delicious, but it is not healthy.

Another poor habit is the coffee drinker who drinks to stay awake after being up till late the night before. Getting very little sleep might not seem unhealthy, but it tears down your body’s defenses and leaves you in a weakened condition for an assortment of diseases.

Many coffee drinkers also neglect to drink an adequate amount of water each day. In between coffee cups be sure to get in your eight eight-ounce glasses of water that your body needs each day.

According to these studies, coffee drinkers apparently get some health benefits from coffee. They would get even more benefit if they coupled that with healthy habits such as exercising, eating right, drinking plenty of water, and getting a good sleep.

Carol Stack has written numerous articles and reviews about coffee and related items. She lives with her husband, three children, and various dogs and cats in the United States. Carol and her sister Barbara are constantly adding to their website dedicated to the enjoyment of coffee. Visit it at: http://www.coffeeloversportal.com

It’s almost like a vicious circle. Health and wellness is very important to both men and women and is key to an individual’s well being and it is incumbent upon us to take responsibility for our health. So throughout this article, I am going to share some tips for both men and women to have a better quality of life

Tip number one


สูตรกาแฟสด ประกัน

You are to major extent what you eat. Eat poor food and you will have a poor quality of life. To eat right is not as hard as it seems. There is no question that health food and convenience do not go hand in hand. However with a little extra organization you can turn the table and as result of which you will feel a lot better for it.

Tip number two

Moderation; do not eat large meals two to threetimes a day. Reduce your portion size and eat more frequently. Sure this may require a little more planning but once you get it down it will take no time at all. Put together small little snacks so that you can nibble when you feel hungry. Then at dinner time, you will not need to have as large a meal.

Tip number three

It is widely known that breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day. It is also widely known that a lot of people do not eat breakfast. They get a fancy pants coffee that has lots of sugars, which sustains them throughout the morning. Not a good idea in the long run. Instead, eat some fresh fruit, such as bananas, apples, oranges, pears and grapefruit. This way you get good fiber and a little energy boost from the natural sugars.This will not weigh you down either, if your ok with eating in the morning then you can also add a bowl of porridge or some whole grains.

Tip number four

Drink plenty of water; you do not want your body to become dehydrated. Water can also help with mental clarity and it will also prevent you from wanting to over eat. If you can drink water about fifteen minutes before you eat and not while you eat, do it. This little tip will help with digestion.

Tip Number 5

Health and Wellness-5 Tips For Men and Women For Better Health

Struggling to eat the fresh stuff?

Here’s 7 ‘ power food ‘ ways to get rid of tummy and kick-start your way to a healthier


สูตรกาแฟสด ประกัน

1) Grapes

-Has fighting oxidants which includes polyphenol and resveratrol
(particularly in red and black varieties)

-Rich in potassium, which helps to lower the risk of the harmful effects
of excess sodium

-Contains 80 percent water! It’s great way to hydrate

-Why not add them to a cheese platter, freeze them for a refreshing
summer snack or use them in salads and desserts

2) Red Tomatoes

-Contains lycopene, a powerful antioxidant (including processed tomato
products), which helps to lower the risk of cancer and heart disease

-A six year study conducted by Harvard MedicalSchool of more than 46
fruits and vegies revealed that tomatoes by far reduces the risk of
prostrate cancer

3) Oranges and Lemon

-Rich in Vitamin C

-Helps in the fight against cholesterol, flushing away toxins, and
getting rid of tummy fat!

-It is a great anti-inflammatory, cholesterol-lowering juicy fruit

-Every orange you eat, you’ll get 10 per cent of the recommended daily
allowance of fiber

-Oranges gives a healthy dose of pectin-helps flush out toxins in the
body that beer, coffee and cigarettes leave behind

-Better still, citrus fruit don’t lose their power or flavor when
cooked together with protein packed, meaty opponents.

-Also, helps the body absorption of iron from lamb, swordfish and
other grilledflesh

4) The big cheese

-Helps to build muscle and strengthens bones.

-High in kilojoules, Although it is rich in calcium that helps to
protect the colon from cancer causing chemicals.

-Calcium from dairy foods encourages the fat cells to give up their fat
which helps you get rid of tummy fat

-Also helps fight tooth decay, the phosphorus and calcium act to replace
minerals in tooth enamel

5) Pineapples

-Contain bromelain (an enzyme that aids digestion by helping break down

-Is a great source of fiber

-High in Vitamin C which is vital for healthy blood, bones and teeth

6) On

-Loaded with Vitamin A, which helps to maintain healthy skin cells

-Helps boosts our immune system,

-ContainsPotassium, which lowers blood pressure and strengthens muscles

7) Blueberries

-Low in kilojoules

Virtually fat-free

-A good source of fiber

-Very high in antioxidants, and help fights against cancer

So start eating fresh stuff now to give your health a boost it deserves!

There you have it, 7 Amazing reasons to start eating right, and ‘ power up ‘ your health.

Not only that-by eating more fiber rich foods of these during the day, and substituting it for snacks it can control the cravings, which in turn helps to get rid of tummy fat!

7 Power Foods to Get Rid of Tummy Fat and Skyrocket Your Health!

Have you ever heard the saying “Health is Wealth”? I am not sure who coined the phrase but I think there’s a degree of truth to that statement. It may even be more important than all the money you have.

If your wealth is your health, would be the leading “1″ on a $ 1,000 .000 .000 (one trillion dollar) jackpot. All the other zeros represent your material wealth-a house, a car, your investments, family, friends, etc. As you can see, without the “1″ in front, it will just be .000 .000

I got sick with cough and cold the past couple of days … again. With the very hectic schedule during the Holidays, and mywife and I making ala “amazing race” from Manila to the northern part of the Philippines they call & Cagayan, Ilocos, topping it off with the pressure of going back to work on a night shift immediately right after the race (oops …I mean vacation? )…I was REALLY exhausted … as a result, I got sick (again).

Eating right

,000 which is basically NOTHING. This is the same as your health. If you’re NOT healthy, if you’re getting sick all the time, all your riches do NOT matter …


สูตรกาแฟสด ประกัน

Sadly, I’ve not been eating right for the past couple of months …

I almost always eat out at delicious but not so healthy fast food restaurants, eating tasty fried chicken, fatty “sisig” or “na” liempo inihaw (grilled pork belly?). I’m just too lazy to cook food when I get home after a long day at work.

Coffee is my water. I drink coffee in the morning, in the afternoon and at night. Sometimes I feel the strongest brewed coffeeThe drink can no longer keep me awake. The good thing is. ..I easily ended up getting not one but TWO Starbucks planner even before the Holidays.

When I don’t drink coffee, I splurge on sodas. There’s even a time when I drank 2 litres of “DIET” coke (Coke Light a.k.a.) each night for a couple of days …That’s when my body started to give up and I got the nasty cold & cough.

Being physically active

When I was in Malaysia, I used to play badminton or tennis twice a week. I also have this basketball game with friends every weekend. On top of it all, our office was a good 1 kilometer “walking” distance from our condo. As you can imagine, I had several physical activities lined up for me to keep my body moving and healthy.

When I came back to thePhilippines, it was a complete 180 degree turn for me. The only exercise I did is to have my fingers tap at my computer’s keyboard all day and all night long. I convinced myself that I was “too busy” tapping at the keyboard to do anything else, much less physically challenging activity called “exercise”. Not even once was I able to go to the gym because of laziness. No wonder my belly seems to be getting bigger and bigger everyday. Where do I go from here?

I really don’t believe in New Year’s resolutions … but I realize I must change or I’ll keep getting sick again and again. So first thing I want to do is to get well from this persistent cold & cough. Second, I’ll try to keep my self healthy for a change. Eat healthy food. Minimize coffee and sodas. Drinkmore water instead. Eat fruits. And lastly, I want to go finally use the gym at the condo and get my money’s worth at the hefty association dues I pay every month. Wish me luck!

How about you? How are you planning to keep yourself healthy this coming year?

Health is Wealth-Why Your Health is More Important Than Your Money



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