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Glass, plastic and GPPS embossed letters.

Days before the duration of the visit was to find a white instead Rd. I accidentally found one glass of water fell on the floor. To use the cafe first opened. It is crystal clear, hard plastic. Southern EPP symbols are engraved on the bottom of the glass. Glass cup in the past, but this is not always the case. But a new variant truncated convex curves on the plastic glass. Fastening with a simple message such as JUICE COFFEE TEA.

If I ever remember it sounding websites overseas. Found that in some countries there is a clear solid glass embossed it. It’s a beautiful ใsesisan. Not only is the glass only. Even the lid or the tube can be made embossed or engraved name on the packaging that the coffee shop as well.

Considered to be embossed on the glass coffee alternative for coffee. Can make a difference in terms of packaging and recognition. I used the coffee shop and get coffee.

I guess this leaves Embossing on glass coffee to be produced from the plant of E. P is the production and employment. The glass pattern on the basis that it was not too bad. The PP is just like breaking out to a coffee shop that was already selected.

Expected to be available soon embossed on the glass coffee is really nice. And can be embossed with the color on it is not. I did not see this, it’s a little more three-dimensional pattern onto the glass coffee has dried on. I do embossed pattern coffee cup and so on. Try to contact the manufacturer of EPP me.


Entry ไร้สาระอีกสักครั้ง มีอยู่วันหนึ่งระหว่างที่หุ้นส่วนกำลังกลั่นช็อตเอสเพรสโซ่ ส่วนผมกำัลังเตรียมเบสส่วนผสมอยู่ จู่ๆก็มีผู้ชายคนหนึ่งเดินมาพร้อมสั่งกาแฟเย็นหนึ่งแก้ว หุ้นส่วนผมก็โดรสกาแฟ ทำช็อต ใส่นมสด นมข้นหวาน กาแฟราด น้ำแข็งตบท้าย จัดเต็มพร้อมเสริฟ์ให้ทันที

ไม่ทันจะยื่นกาแฟให้ ผู้ชายคนนั้นก็กระชากกาแฟเย็นจากมือหุ้นส่วน พร้อมกล่าวขอบคุณแล้ววิ่งเตลิดหายไปอย่างรวดเร็ว กาแฟเย็นมูลค่าสามสิบบาทกลายเป็นของบริจาคในพริบตา นั้นมันอาราบิก้าชั้นดีชงจากเครื่องชงคอมเมอร์เชียลด้วย ทำไมเอ็งไม่ไปขอร้านกาแฟโบราณแทนวะ?

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Four skills that are required to open a coffee shop.

What would it look easy as the eye can see it. Before I turn the coffee shops, I understand that there are other mailboxes. Just put the coffee powder and water hitting the coffee runs out. This mixture was then formulated into an ice cold glass of coffee. Have one glass thirty five Baht I also realized that a career in mind, it is easy Diu wow. I do not see the need to have skills. When I look at the career people at the coffee shop here.

When I opened my own cafe knew that. Opening a coffee shop that I did not. Water is not just coffee out roughly. But Mia skills, knowledge and skill level. And must have skills in other areas include To be able to survive in a sustainable coffee. If you do not think coffee is a simple thing. I think around here. It’s easy to imagine them sounding.

Entry is therefore recommended that the skills I needed to open a coffee shop.

Barista skills.

Barista skills.

Bai Christa (Allah Barista) was named one of the coffee industry. I find that the English translation is not. But I mean. People who do not drink in the bar. Similar Black Mountain Boulder coffee liqueur. This is necessary to open a coffee shop barista skills carry it. I do not understand the science well enough coffee.

Barista skills you should have it. Refined espresso to get the perfect shot. Understand the relationship between the resolution of ground coffee and coffee oil. And the identity of the species of coffee beans that. Known coffee recipes and basic ingredients. And understand the needs of people consume coffee.

It is very important that people understand that these coffee. Heart of the coffee shop is a glass coffee flavors served out to the customer. Can not deny that the espresso shot off to the refinery. Affect the taste of coffee. The refinery will have a good espresso coffee regularly observed at the basket and the coffee itself.

In addition. I need to learn about coffee. Must understand that the coffee beans in each species, aroma and taste, however. And different roasting aroma and flavor that is not the same as if they want to eat delicious dark coffee. May choose to use dark roasted arabica coffee beans in the refined espresso.

But if they want to eat the soft coffee. May choose to mild Arabica beans and roasted coffee, the crude medium.Customers have bitter dark coffee could be roasted Arabica or Robusta for coffee burns to consumers. Or even a combination of different coffee flavors to achieve a higher dimension.

It can be seen that the coffee shop is open. Must have Barista skills some. Example minimally refined espresso fine to a certain extent. And can be selected to suit the roasted coffee beans coffee coffee customers have their own.

The in-depth skills such as pouring latte art. Mixing coffee shop so unique. Creating new drinks menu. I think these would be good. Builds up and the coffee shop was cool.

Marketing skills.

I will not forget that. Opening a coffee shop business, it is one thing. The rich have ruined it. Mia barista skills to good does it do if you do not have marketing skills. I would not be achieved easily.

The coffee shop market.

I might say it to me. If limited to a narrow encirclement. Marketing skills to have a better understanding of consumer behavior. (To buy, how to taste coffee) to create a unique selling point of difference in a coffee shop. And competitive strategy.

Any business, not just coffee right now. It is imperative that operators need to understand the behavior of customers. Or penetrate the mind of the customer, customer behavior, such as eating a cup of coffee a day. What is the favorite menu Cgaื. And what to do for the customer to buy a regular coffee. Unknown and why some customers buy our coffee. Our coffee is too expensive? Coffee is too much? Competitors to eat or a coffee shop?

It can be seen that the behavior or psychology will have a role to sales or revenue of a coffee shop. Sometimes I see that coffee is made out to be excellent. Quadrant rounded flavor. A Thai-style iced coffee precisely. Tong Ngai to sell branded not very Shine should know.

As well as to create a high cafes. Requires creativity schoo to a difference in the coffee shop. I believe that the majority will make coffee taste different from each other already. I would not make a difference if the other side to come up with. The customer will make a difference in the recognition and lead to future customers.

Frequency analysis of customer behavior. See the market gap. To meet the needs of customers in these states are all skills that are essential to the coffee market. I think that sometimes. Creative coffee taste is fairly standard, but with the market. Are more likely to succeed.

Skilled designers.

Not deny that all media all influence the perception of the customer. The creative media as well as the more you increase your chances of selling drinks. Media here does not mean I only like coffee. It also refers to the use in advertising or gimmicks.

One thing I noticed is that the. Many shops do not like coffee or the coffee shop signs.Due to lack of skills in the design. Need to hire a professional designer or printer. Or even acquaintances. Designed to help.

But as far as I know it is. Most of the designs are not as good as expected. The design of each is not cheap. Some think it is the same design that was it. Not counting the cost of printing. I can not guarantee that it will work out just fine. I need to pay a deposit before.

Would be nice if at least one Coffee can design labels. Coffee menu design image.Coffee and I have to create a portfolio for yourself. Not employed to waste my time on.

Management skills.

Business Executives for coffee refers to the ability and foresight to create a competitive advantage. I’ve never seen one professional colleagues. Zeng make coffee in commercial buildings for a period of five years at a coffee shop owners are very happy to have long-term contracts. I fear it’s safe to squeeze more rent every month or every three months.Coffee foresight.

It is possible that I operate more than one year, it is necessary to knock off all the buildings in the neighborhood. Due to commercial buildings in the district decided to sell the condominium. Terms of areas I would not do it. I get money from the former owner. Old coffee shop owner Zeng money to put down as well. When will the money Zeng night view night it was hard. Unless it is filed legal.

On the other hand, some shops are looking forward very much! The genetic information that is pick a base building blocks office or public place for 5 years before they decided to open a coffee shop that will be created with the building. The idea is to keep it that way. The moon as well.

As well as a competitive advantage in the post. Some coffee shop open a coffee shop in the neighborhood of a point 4 forte. See retailer or on opposite Central Ladprao. The mold was Caa printing. There are many restaurants to choose from. In fact, it is the retailer that is owned by the same people. If not owned by the same people. Will be for the children to take care of them. Store where they have almost the same owner. Coffee is a brewed to Kei.


I also have the skills or some basic habits that are required to open a coffee shop.  skills that are fundamental. It is necessary for the opening of a coffee shop. If I owned a coffee shop some where I can find a partner on the other side to help. Or you can hire a professional to take care of instead. But we have to pay or the investment banks as well, with the simple idea that the end of this Entry.

Barista skills. Make delicious coffee. 
skilled marketers. To understand customer needs. 
skilled designers. The clear communication with the client. 
administrative skills. Coffee makes me rich!

The current primary spending coffee market. I do not deny that the clients office. Or a group of people working there are very high for coffee addicts. cafe to have sales of more than prose per day , most of it will come from this office well. Although the group with high coffee intake, eating behavior, but also a lot of coffee in the office as well this Entry strategy or approach to making coffee in the office.


Cafes strategy in the office.

District office here in the city will inevitably prevail. Enough to see a clear and strong. Ari is the Asoke, Silom, Sathorn nut so I’ve heard. These areas do not have time to pay rent on a monthly or daily rent it. Yeah, but think of the Bill by the hour. Some morning coffee for three hours, then there will be other people with food for three hours one evening a retail clothing again. I do not know the real story.

Be satisfied with a big glass!

Behavior of people in the office are alienated from other groups that Clients often want to save the cost of coffee and delicious. The demands on the quality of the coffee counter directly. Coffee quality is much higher. Customers perceive as good. But I do not buy too expensive! Turn to each other for more than

Large coffee mug.Actually, I was a partner in a coffee shop that was half the district office. But there is also a small community, it is a hybrid. During the first year I sold 16 oz of coffee in the market, all of which differ from each other in size, 22 oz with things I had a shop from his village. It is more expensive than the selling price. Which can not be surprised that sales are lower than other stores.

When I apply the two decided to make the change to a 22 oz glass coffee all add up with another $ 5 to be able to compete with other cafes. At least it’s not just about size C. Kwok. The large glass sold as well. T think it to look at the price and taste of coffee.

The decision to admit frankly that there are quite a lot of concern. Due to the larger size of the glass can affect the taste of coffee and fresh. Some customers prefer a 16 oz coffee anyway, but on the positive and negative benefits and drawbacks. Decided to change all the glass is 22 oz.

Feedback is returned. Customers who are part of it, then I lost it. With its customers to buy more coffee from the store.Although coffee is the same or higher than the previous. Enough to conclude that the case must be sold to people in the office, 22 ounce glass, only because of the market size is forced to sell it.

Behavior of customers to the office like a coffee mug worth that is not a giant coffee before the taste was very good.And if there is a pattern, it will attract more customers. With this feature. Thus, the district office Eraึ coffee shop. Were to sell 22 ounces of coffee in almost all

Sensitive to the office coffee prices.

One thing is obvious. Office coffee is the very high sensitivity. $ 5 coffee at higher prices affect the decision to purchase. Bad taste than coffee delivery. It’s not just customers, but $ 5 is $ 5! We see a coffee shop in the office copy of cutting a rival Rai shops. I’ve been undercut by a rival coffee shop. 17 per glass coffee sales. Baht – crazy! But he did not really sell it. Later on, it was a 20-25. – But I would also sell more expensive anyway.

Price to eat every day.

Coffee prices are 5 BahtI’d never heard him talk on office workers. I sat at the desk in front of the store.Customers can order coffee and then sit on the front as well. Coincidentally, they talked about my coffee. He told friends that like the taste of coffee here. (I smile, I hear), but do not buy at all .. (shrink your page).

Coffee is a drink that does not need it. I have to eat every day, not just a segment, but the office coffee all want coffee before work. It turns out that they have been selling coffee at a reasonable price. Or the customer can eat it every day at work. If you feel that the gap would be to eat a traditional coffee or coffee packets instead.

So try to set the price consumers are expected to buy it every day. And efforts to control costs as low as low can be. Which will affect the profit margin. However, the high volume of sales on the glass coffee competitors, it will be priced as low as customers eat every day.

10 get 1 free promotion back then.

When I need to set the price for the customers eat every day. Other shops in the market have recognized this.Therefore, the price of coffee as well. I thought to myself I did not know it. But the district office number. The coffee shop is a coffee shop several times. If coffee is a coffee shop that sells 10 stores in the same coffee shop more than 5.

‘re On. Taste similar promotions, plus 10 one will have a role immediately. I think that the office coffee. If it is a 10 cup coffee shop to another shop but I do not see it. So I’ll have it by the 10th but this one is worth the most.

I tell you from my experience. After the lunch I will have one of the employees at the head office or to buy coffee orders typically those employees to determine whether or not it is specified as a coffee shop where It’s up to me to buy coffee.

The coffee I bought it. What is a coffee shop that has one is because it has 10 employees passably to buy coffee mugs or 11 glasses of free will. I was then free to take your own glass. Buy some staff did not mind too much. It is a rush to buy the coffee.

It can be seen that sometimes influence a decision or purchase. I was not the only one. Sometimes it is to buy.Behavior in the office like a coffee shop it. To buy coffee.

Coffee low price strategy.

Ah, it looks like the little truism Beverage. If you open a coffee shop in the district office. issue price of a cup of coffee is a very important decision. perhaps the eggs, milk, soft landing. The delicious aroma of Arabica several hundred kilos. The variety of the menu. Or atmosphere. Virtually no part in the decision to purchase the coffee district office. I just bought it and they will pay for it to work.

I do try to sell coffee to the market price equal to or lower than the market is excellent. I know that is difficult because each usually get the rent, but the price is already set. Office rents in the area are very expensive. Perhaps more than in-store price for it.


It may seem like a strategy. Behavior seems to buy coffee than coffee district office. ABC district office if I try to open a coffee shop in a small glass of it before. Is it worth buying into. The market price is equal to or lower than the market.And then to control their own costs to a minimum. To see a profit on the difference.

Concluded that this is one. If you really want to get rich from selling coffee. The district office is located at the end it should look.



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